Do not know when, some men gradually lose their self-confidence because of their "do not move." The people who seem to have lost their self-esteem are no longer so majestic on all occasions. So how should male friends make up their kidneys and make them stronger? then, let's watch it together

5 ways to increase men's hardness


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Learn to "yawn"

In addition to the above two factors that are very intuitive and cause men not to mention, most male friends should learn some helpful tips in life, such as yawning.Yawning can cause the brain to produce nitric oxide, protect the cardiovascular system, and deliver energy to the penis. One of the functions of drugs used to treat erectile dysfunction is to promote the formation of nitric oxide in the body.

Not looking for "Little Three"

Why is it that men who seem to be beautiful in scenery always have an affair when they are hugging the third child? Many doctors in the department of sexual medicine believe that this is because the "primary school" is beautiful, but this relationship that is not recognized by the world often brings serious psychological anxiety to men. With such a sense of guilt, the man with the third child will eventually become impotent.Therefore, to stay away from the third child is like staying away from poisons, poisons leave the body, and the condition resolves.

Be gentle

According to a survey in the United States, more than one-third of men with low sexual capabilities have had a history of penis damage during sex. These men told us that in sex, because they were too excited and sex was too violent, the penis was seriously damaged in sex. From this survey, we can see that, like the behavior of too violent behavior in the “male” sex, it leads to the main reason that they are not strong in sexual ability, so in sex, it is best to do the best.

Guaranteed rest time
Many men who have come out of the countryside have such a profound experience. In the past, the time to sleep almost at home was not very late. Everyone would wake up early and get up early. However, after coming to the metropolis, the bustling city brought about a very good playing condition for people's nightlife. The darkness here is no longer boring, and it can even make people stay up all night.