Let your genitals "breathe freely."

Some men like to wear tights, such as small jeans. Although looking very charming is actually not charming to their own body tights can make the scrotum and testicles more close to the body, increasing the temperature of the testicles, which hinder the production of sperm. At the same time, tight trousers tightly wrapped in the scrotum, so that the scrotal skin is not good at the ability to disperse heat, the local temperature of the testicles will also increase; tight pants restrict and hinder the blood circulation of the scrotum, especially to prevent the return of venous blood , causing testicular bleeding, leading to unfavorable spermatogenesis. Regular wear of tights is one of the reasons that induces male infertility.

Men are more casual, but also generous, usually should wear more loose underwear, so that the external genitalia fully stretch free breathing. After work, leisure sports, shopping, and sleeping, change the tights of the three solution pants, you can wear some spacious boxer briefs or simply do not wear underwear, but go out to be careful. However, think about her walking on the road without wearing underwear, there are some stimuli, saying that they are not allowed to come to a temporary fire and hurry to find places where there is a cloud and rain, but also romantic, you say?

However, there is a saying "Drinking disorder." If you want to use alcoholism, or more romantic stimulation, you can do something else. The body is its own, and wine also requires money, or cherish the body, should not drink.

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