At present, for many reasons, many men have problems such as short penis, small and difficult teeth, and in order to change the status , all kinds of male enhancement strong sex pills have become the secret of their search. However, many men are also uneasy and skeptical. Will these methods and products really work, and will they do harm to themselves?

Increasing the medical principle of thickening

To know whether a thing is reliable, to understand its principles and methods of action and is essential, so the first choice to talk to everyone is what causes the male short, so that we can consider whether there is a solution.

The short penis refers to a disease in which the adult man's penis is weak and its length and thickness are smaller than normal men's average after erection. The definition in the encyclopedia is very clear that this is a disease, rather than a normal phenomenon, so which ones feel that because of the short and "self-confessed bad luck" and can not give up treatment, then this is because of what causes it? Mainly by both innate and acquired:

The vast majority of congenital diseases are caused by genetic genes. In addition, they may be affected by radiation, ultrasound, or high-temperature lesions in the mother's body. There is also a category of diseases that are caused by inappropriate use of androgens in the mother’s pregnancy and congenital deficiency. hypoplasia.

Let's talk about the reasons for the acquired: This is even more, also due to the harsh environment, cancer and other diseases, during the development of adolescents, the intake of zinc, male hormones, vitamin E and related proteins, lack of nutrition, lack of acquired energy Addition, does not achieve the effect of strengthening sexual organs. There is also a kind of physical weakness, lack of yang in the body, resulting in the penis can not fully protrude, and kidney damage caused by excessive sexual desire.

Then we need to talk about the theme of the article. In the face of the short problems caused by these two types of factors, is there any way to make it bigger? In fact, if it is not congenital, external forces can be used. According to medical experts' research, in order to enlarge the penis, it is necessary to first increase the level of "dopamine, recombination amine, and acetylcholine" in the brain's nervous system, testosterone levels in the endocrine system, restore elasticity of the tunica albuginea, and enhance cardiovascular motility. Therefore, the increase in the penis requires the joint coordination of the nervous system, endocrine system, albuginea, arteries, veins, nitric oxide, and cavernous body in order to increase the thickening of the penis.

Therefore, it is entirely feasible to make up for the acquired nature. At present, there are several mainstream practices: diet, increasing aphrodisiac drugs and penis enlargement surgery. The first kind of basic knowledge assists with the third risk, so the most effective one is to choose a useful medicine to solve it, like the vegetal viagra capsule is natural product, effective and safe.

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