Ways to help the males sexual problems 

If males have sexual problems, they can go to the hospital for a detailed examination to see if they are serious. If you feel that there are no problems, you may feel that your sexual function is a little weakened. Then you use the above Method, proper exercise, diet conditioning, give yourself and your wife a satisfactory sex life.

Many men are eager for sexual life, so often have sex with their own sexual partners, a long time will have the phenomenon of sexual dysfunction, I usually work very busy, had sex in the evening, I feel tired and tiring in the day And, with the increase in age, their sexual function is not very good, a little bit of sex has become more and witty, so what ways to enhance male sexual function?


In fact, how to improve male sexual function? For me, there are still many ways.


More exercise and more exercise is the best way. Of course, the faster is to use some natural enhancement proudct, such as strong horse pills, it is chinese old natural sex pills, suit for most people, effevtive and no side effect.

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And exercise is the best way also it’s hard to do everyday , but  Exercise can not only make my body strong, but also increase the total body oxygen content, increase the secretion of testosterone, the male genital system is the best way to supplement, usually can play basketball, football, running, there are some physical fitness Power-type exercise, the body sweating after exercise made me relaxed and mentally and physically. It will also greatly enhance my sexual life.


Usually wear some cotton underwear to maintain a low temperature, because the polyester fiber underwear can temporarily generate sperm, so people who wear polyester fiber underwear are generally have a statement of sexual dysfunction, so I have to wear more Cotton underwear, penis, and testicles require a low-temperature environment. Always adhere to the temperature of the testis less than body temperature. If the temperature is high, it will affect the formation of sperm in the testis. Wearing cotton underwear, the scrotum exposed outside, good air permeability, can secrete sterility androgen secretion, can enhance sexual function.