How does a man keep his sexual ability after 50 years old!

After a man is 50 years old, his sexual desire and sexual ability will be significantly reduced. How can middle-aged and older men maintain their sexual abilities and improve the quality of their lives? Mastering five coups can help middle-aged and older people improve their sexual desire!

How does a man keep his sexual ability after 50 years old!

Coup 1: regular exercise, quit alcohol limit

Sports have a positive effect on sex. People who adhere to regular exercise have agile response, slow aging organs, and increased resistance to disease. Strong constitution will slow the decline of sexual function. Studies have shown that alcohol slows testosterone production, and toxins in cigarette smoke also inhibit sexual function and induce erectile dysfunction.


Coup two: insist on zinc, selenium

Zinc and selenium synergy can improve sperm quality and sperm motility, shorten sperm liquefaction time, and promote sperm function to improve immunity. Only if sperm motility improves, male sexual ability can be maintained. It is medically recommended that men aged 50 years and older take 2-3 months of Yu-Jin-Yu tablets, which will greatly promote male sperm production, increase sperm activity, and maintain male sexual function.


Coup three: improve initiative, adhere to sex

Young men between the ages of 25 and 29, 51% would think of sex when they saw their naked body, but by the age of 45, this number had fallen to only 40%. The study found that 90.4% of men over the age of 60 had sexual desire, and 54.7% of people had strong sexual requirements. Middle-aged couples should not only be sexually active when they are sexually impulsive, but must “behave deliberately” and improve their initiative. They must also understand each other.


Coup four: to control the speed

Young people who love to work fast and have sufficient strength can quickly generate pleasure, but after middle age, the pleasure will be slower for both men and women. Therefore, men can't pump too fast, and each time they gain strength, they gradually reach orgasm.


Coup 5: Finding New Ways

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