How many men do not have better sex time


Men and women on the bed will not speak up, but the data is honest!


In 2017, the anti-ED (Erritic Dysfunction) drug represented by black ant king pills sold 90.97 million pieces, and the sales amount reached 6.59 billion yuan, and the growth rate reached 26.6%!


What's more, this figure does not include the unique supplements such as "Yang Yang Liquor" that men have eaten in secret!

But is it really useful for men to eat these anti-ED drugs?


After 30: Eating aphrodisiac does not do this as usual

Although the traditional sense of ED is the inevitable process after men gradually age, one quarter of the new ED patients are young patients under


the age of 30.This part of the young people is in the rising period of work and career, the pressure is huge, and the wife is also in an age of strong sexual demand. After ED appears, it will face unprecedented stress and it will easily lead to marital disputes, cold wars, and even divorce.


It is suggested that once young people have ED, they must be treated promptly, otherwise it will lead to the gradual increase of ED, and affect the physical and mental health, making the situation more and more important.

However, whether or not to face a woman but she is “heartless” can make a successful aphrodisiac to make love


It is recommended that young people take sex pills only to protect sexual life, and more should pay attention to the examination of diseases, rule out the possibility of organic diseases such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes, and ensure that both men and women maintain good communication and maintain. Regular sex life avoids the phenomenon of escaping sexual life due to male apologetics or inferiority.


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"The inside of the penis is rich in blood vessels, but most of the time it is venous blood. Oxygen and nutrients are less in venous blood, and arterial blood that enters the penis when it is erect will bring rich oxygen and nutrients, like charging the penis." , If regular charging, regular sex life, good erection at night, the penis will be like a mobile phone battery, to maintain the longest possible life and charge and discharge performance."

At the same time, it also reminds that for young people, physical exercise is very important, and sufficient physical strength is the basis of sexual life quality. Otherwise, no amount of drugs can do anything.


"Sex is essentially a physical work. A strong body is the basis of a man's sexual abilities. If he carries out sex three times a week, he burns at least 7500 calories, and at least 75 kilograms of jogging in a year. And Regular sex life also exercises the whole body movements of cardiovascular, bone, and muscle."