Lung Leader works with 3 ways to improve sexual performance


Lung Leader sex pills is an impotence delay product used by the emperor of ancient Chinese court formulas. The precious Chinese herbal formula is 100% natural, safe, and has no side effects. When using the Lung Leaderc natural sex pills , using the three methods together can greatly improve sexual performance. Give the other party the best experience.

 Lung Leader pills

1, Helping Elements: Zinc

Men's semen contains a higher concentration of zinc, zinc can ensure men's sexual function, in addition, it also helps to improve people's resistance to disease. Men are advised to take 15 micrograms of zinc per person per day. This dose is for men with high levels of exercise. Normally, men need only take 2/3 of the dose. However, the daily dose of zinc must not exceed 15 micrograms, because overdosing of zinc can affect the effects of other minerals in the body. 120 grams of lean meat contains 5-7 micrograms of zinc. In addition, the amount of zinc contained in turkey, seafood, and soybeans is also high and can be consumed in moderation. You can also choose zinc supplements for biological agents such as new rare earth tablets.


2,exercise sex muscles

The pelvic muscles at the base of the penis are referred to as male sexual intercourse muscles, where the pubococcygeus muscle plays a major role. Strengthening these parts of the muscle can increase the blood supply of the entire pelvis and penis, can promote erection, increase the pleasure during orgasm, and help patients to control ejaculation, and men can also find their own pubococcygeus by interrupting urination. Once these muscles are found, they can exercise consciously by imagining that they are blocking urination. Generally, exercise twice a day, 15 times each time, and increase the number of contractions daily until you can do 50 times a day. On this basis, you can make a little change. If you relax before the contraction of pelvic muscles and maintain for 3 seconds, adhere to this exercise for a month, you can generally feel its help with sexual intercourse.


3, create different environments

In the progress of sexual relations and sex life, it is necessary to often create some different surprises, such as the environment, perfume, flowers, gifts, props, so that sexual life and sexual relationships are fresh every day.