to maintain regular love

"Eating color, sex is also." The ancients' understanding of sex is extremely profound. Sexual desire is the instinct of human beings. It is always unforgettable to have a hearty, beautiful, and moderate sex. Sexual life can eliminate sexual tension, make body and mind pleasing, endocrine normal, immune function can be adjusted and normalized, and metabolism can function normally. People who experience sexual love are always having unlimited desires for sex, so sex itself is the best stimulant, but it is recommended to do so.

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Moderate masturbation

Male pleasure from masturbation is different from sexual intercourse. Masturbation pays more attention to the feelings of the penis. If you can't do a regular sex life, you can masturbate. The theory of biological evolution holds that any organism or any function has "used in retirement", and sexual function is no exception.


If you haven't had a chance to have a regular sexual life, then masturbation is not harmful, but it is beneficial:

A, is conducive to training your ability to control the penis;

B. For those who have a long prepuce, they can overcome and correct the prepuce and prevent the accumulation of smegma, which is also good for phimosis.

C. It can be used as an adjuvant therapy for impotence, premature ejaculation, orgasm, or vaginal fistula;

D. For aseptic prostatitis, masturbation can drain the fluid in the prostate, which contributes to the recovery of inflammation.


Everybody should pay attention to moderation, how many times a day, or a few times, each person's sexual ability is different, physical fitness is also different, so there is no exact data, but also different opinions. However, what is certain is that if the next day is listless, attention cannot be concentrated, and the body is weak. Of course, it is excessive, and it is appropriate to remember.